Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This post is a pity party. Skip if not interested.

The reason I haven't blogged much this week is because I haven't been having a great week. I am really struggling bad with both my eating and exercise. It just doesn't seem to be clicking this week and I am totally puzzled and frustrated with myself. I have been eating things I really shouldn't, such as the two pieces of pumpkin pie I had last night. Even though everyone else had two pieces too, that doesn't mean that I had to. (There were 7 of us, we ate a whole pie. Granted, it was the best pie ever - we made it completely from scratch: crust, roasted a pumpkin, etc.) But none of those things should have influenced me to eat two pieces. I should have just had one and been able to stop. And I felt bad about that as soon as I finished the second slice. Argh.

What do you all do when you get into these slumps? What brings you out?

I am looking forward to my four day weekend. I'm hoping I can get some exercise in tomorrow before weigh-in on Friday. (Which is not going to be pretty, btw.)

I'm kind of bummed that Thanksgiving isn't going to be a big thing this year. Most of my friends are either going home or going elsewhere in the state with friends or relatives. There are like 3 of us who have no plans. Being that I am the only meat eater, I am not going to cook myself a turkey. I just really like Thanksgiving, and I'm sad that this is going to be the first year that is really super low-key. =(

Okay I have to go get ready for work now. Even though I'm going in early today, at least there are only going to be like 5 kids. And two of them will be going home early.


  1. I'm sorry that you're not feeling great right now. I'm in a bit of a slump too. I think what usually helps me is a long walk, and to be honest a Diet Coke afterwards. It's true! And about Thanksgiving, could you get a turkey portion for one? I think that they do that at the grocery store, and if not they should!
    Good luck, and stay strong. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Two pieces of best-pie-ever isn't the end of the world. Just go work it off. Feeling sorry for yourself won't burn too many calories, but stewing while you walk will, beating yourself up while you swim will, throwing a pity party while you dance to your favorite song will. It's okay to enjoy food (especially good food), but balance it out with a little sweat. Then you won't fear that weigh-in quite so much...

  3. bring it on sista, you ain't the only one, in fact, you stole my post for today!!!! I've been the same, eating crap, and not posting much about weight etc stuff and pics of food, because well, this week my food wasn't pic worthy, it was simply junk. I was craving a cookie, I had one, was craving chocolate, I had some! Then this morning I hop on the scales and wham bam, 2.5 lbs squeezed themselves back on my tush. So how do I motivate myself? I see that awful number going in the wrong direction, get mad and work out harder and better and plan plan plan my food. The moment I don't have a plan is the moment I can bank on a gain!
    In the meantime, you had the pie now move on (at least you can cos it's GONE!) and here's to another, better week! And erm...I got two darn birds cooking tomorrow, if you're around Lincoln, NE, come along!

  4. Look how much support you have :)

    Youve done so well, please dont let this week be your downfall. As soon as you exercise again, youll be feeling it. Keep up the great work, girl, youre doing so well!

  5. What do I do when I'm in a funk? Well, I try not to worry about what's past. It's done. I also try to remember that this journey is giong to be long (at least it will be for me), and most certainly not perfect all of the time. So you've had a munchy week? All my week were munchy weeks before I started this. Good for you for being conscious of what you're eating - just don't beat yourself up for it :)

  6. ok. first, if you got 14 pieces out of one pie--well each slice was only half a piece of pie anyway. so you had one piece of pie.

    Second. I suspect that your disappointment re: Thanksgiving non-event is at the root of you blahs. If that is the case, you will pull yourself out of it by Friday!

    I wish you well.