Sunday, November 22, 2009

Running and other stuff.

I went running on my usual walking path today. I ran about 3 miles. It felt so good. And by felt so good, I mean it kind of hurt and was really hard!!! But I'm really happy I did it. I don't have any races lined up for the rest of this year - no turkey trot or Christmas race or anything like that.

However, last night at my friend Kiri's birthday party, she asked if I was planning on doing the Colfax Half Marathon again this year. We both did it last May along with a handful of other friends. For me at least, it was terrible. I had a really hard time finishing, and only finished about 15 minutes short of the cut off time. I was hurting really badly by 7 miles into it, and it took all that was in me to get to the finish. I want another go at it. So I told Kiri yes. She said she wanted to as well. Now, the nice thing about the Colfax Marathon/Half Marathon is that if you register early (before January 15th) you can register a friend for free. So Kiri is going to register herself for $50, then I will get the friend for free code, and register myself, and cut Kiri a check for $25 bucks. You simply cannot beat a $25 half marathon. That is a fantastically awesome deal. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to it, and I know that this year will be much better than how last year turned out.

Also at Kiri's party last night I got a nice handful of compliments on how good I looked and that everyone liked my bangs. So that was just really nice to hear, and a great confidence booster. It's funny about my bangs... they really do make me feel great about myself. Every time I look in a mirror or catch my reflection in a pane of glass, I feel happy, beautiful, powerful, confident. It is truly amazing what a great haircut can do.

And now for something completely different: Do you take vitamins? My mom suggested taking B Complex, and I just started and I loooooove it! I checked with the pharmacist at Target to make sure it was okay to take it with my prescriptions, she said it was fine. Even only taking it twice so far, I have a little more energy. The bottle says "Helps convert food into energy." Which can only be a good thing. There is also some Vitamin C in the ones that I bought, so I am sure that is good to get a little extra of as well. Anyway, do you take B Complex? Do you take other vitamins? What do you think?


  1. great about the marathon and good luck! but like you said, you already feel so much better!
    As for the vitamins, yes I take some...gummie kids ones, two a day...everything else makes me super nauseous and headachy, but if I tkae nothing, my doctor is on me like that! So it's definately a wise decision!

  2. Goodluck on the marathon!! You have some time to prepare and improve over last years!!!

  3. Yes, I take B, C, and D3 drops. The d3 drops have saved my life. I was sick all the time for two years until I started taking them!

  4. Way to go with the marathon! That's awesome. :)

    I take a B100 complex; I'm not sure I notice a huge difference, but I'm scared to stop in case it IS helping... lol I also take a multi vitamin, calcium (hate milk), and started taking Vitamin D last week.