Thursday, October 29, 2009

The upside of blizzards.

SNOW DAY!!! It is an official snow day, and I have never been so happy I work for a school of sorts. My housemates went out to the front yard and measured, and apparently we have about 15 inches of snow so far. And it's STILL snowing! It really feels like Christmas.

My eating has not been great this week. And I know I can blame part of that on my birthday, because I gave myself the day off. I didn't go overboard, but I did eat two of the chocolate chip banana bread muffins that my housemates made for me.

I also have not done a ton of exercise. I did get a walk in on Monday. But then I worked two long days at work and didn't have the daylight to walk in. But today, hopefully, I'll get a good workout. My housemates and I are going adventuring into the snow for a true old fashioned snow day. We are going to walk (read: slog) over to the park and play in the snow. My housemates went yesterday and said the slides are so slippery they are practically dangerous. So slides, perhaps swings, snowball fights, forts, snow angels... if that's not a workout, I don't know what is. =)

Okay. Now that I've had my hot cocoa, I'm going to go join my housemates and start planning our day. Movies and hot drinks will of course be included after the snow adventure is complete.

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