Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sooooo cold!

I woke up to snow this morning. I don't mind snow... but snow in mid October seems a bit extreme. I spent the morning finishing up a book I was reading and then went to the store to buy some supplement groceries just for me. I stocked up on: tuna fish, Dannon Light'n'Fit yogurt, whole wheat tortillas, low-cal Campbell's soups, tea, and hot chocolate. I love chocolate, and it's one of the hardest things for me to resist. For the past few days, there has been a chocolate cake in our fridge that I have been refusing to eat. But it is soooooo tempting! So I caved and got a canister of hot chocolate. It's 80 calories for a serving, and even though it is store brand, it tastes delicious. So now I can get my chocolate fix every few days without feeling guilty or bingeing!

After the store, I made a tuna wrap a la last night's Diet Tribe, but I added tomato and lettuce and left out the apple. I ate half of it, then put the rest in my fridge and went for my walk. I was dreading walking in the cold, but it turns out it wasn't that bad. I went 4 miles today and did a loop around the lake in city park - so pretty! Thank goodness for Under Armor though. That was pretty much the best investment ever. I got it two years ago and it's still like new, and is wonderful for keeping the heat in and the cold out. Love the stuff.

Then I showered (hot shower after a freezing walk is the BEST!) and watched my Netflix for the day, Wolverine. Oh Hugh Jackman, you are so sexy.

Next up is finding something for dinner, and my friend Holly dropping by to visit!


  1. AAAH!I swear my blog isnt updating to let me know when others are updating their blogs. I just saw this post now.

    All of those meals on DT looked AMAZING but for some reason I am scared of tuna! LOL My bf says that tuna meal looked good though(Thats crazy!)

    Kudos to you for walking in the cold--it would take a MIRACLE for me to do that.

  2. i didnt know lifetime still had diet tribe... i forgot all about it. glad i ran into ur blog! :0) up until today i kept running into weightloss blogs that werent updated in months and months. :0(

  3. Good thinking, I wasnt a follower, just going by the Must Read section of my blog! :)~ Im now following.

  4. I am with you on the cold! They predicted a possible snow here (in the midwest) so we had to take our Gazebo down - so sad!

    I bought Under Armor a long time ago too and absolutely love how it not only wicks away the sweat, but it kind of keeps my jiggly belly in place when I run! :D

    Have fun with your friend!