Sunday, October 4, 2009

Random happenings

I feel a little bit bad that it is 3 PM and I am still sitting in bed in my PJs. I feel like an old lady today, I'm still stiff from hiking yesterday! I guess that is to be expected, it was a fairly intense hike, at least for me. I'm proud that I finished the whole thing, and I don't mind a little soreness because of that.

I spent the morning and part of the afternoon watching the first season of Diet Tribe on It was way awesome! I really enjoyed it, and I really liked that it seemed like a much healthier plan than the crazy stuff they do on The Biggest Loser (which I watch on The only thing I would have changed was to see more about their diet. I really enjoyed all the workouts, and the different challenges they had, and I also liked the fact that they are working with a therapist as well. But yeah, I would have liked to see them get cooking lessons, and tips, and such.

Even though I've been laying in bed all day doing nothing, I still feel rather accomplished for the day. I had 2 scrambled eggs, a piece of peanut butter toast, and orange juice for breakfast. For lunch I had 5 decent sized strawberries, an apple, a Dannon Light & Fit yogurt, and about a quarter cup of granola in the yogurt. I'm really happy with these choices! While making lunch, I got a chicken breast out of the freezer to thaw for dinner. I'll probably bake it or something when I get home from church around 7:30. And I still need veggies for today, so maybe some broccoli and carrots. And I'll also be cooking up some quinoa. That sounds like a good dinner, right???

In un-health related news, I got a hamster two weeks ago. He is so very cute. His name is Trick, and he is very active, curious, and loves to climb up to the top of his cage. But I have been having a hard time trying to train him not to bite me when I go to get him out. I have spent a lot of time bribing him with apples, cheese, and scrambled eggs (he loves all three, as do I...), to get him to not be afraid of me. I think our hard work is finally paying off. Today he walked onto my hand without even trying to scratch at me or bite! He was still very tentative, and it took him 20 seconds or so to decide to do it, but he did! I praised him, petted him gently, and then put him back. We will keep working, and I know that eventually he will be hopping into my hand and not getting scared at all! This just made me really happy, so I had to post it. =)

I need to get some stuff done before church at 6 tonight. Mostly I need to shower, and also do some laundry. I keep putting laundry off, because I wear jeans and a scrub top to work at the Y, so I don't go through clothes as fast as I used to. But it's now getting to the point where I really need to do the laundry. All of it. And then I need to fold it and put it away in my dresser. (Yes, I really am this bad at doing laundry... definitely one of my least favorite chores...)

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  1. Sounds like you made very good decisions about breakfast and lunch.
    Trick the hampster....cute. Maybe he will continue to tame right down for you.
    BTW--thanks for those sites where you watch your shows. I may check them out.