Saturday, October 24, 2009

i heart my mom

My mom is the greatest. We were trying to Skype right now but her video chat wasn't working. Mine was, so she could see me. But she was busy (the chimney cleaners were coming), so we set up a time this afternoon to actually chat.

Anyway, before she logged off, she said "You look good!" Aww. Thanks, Mom! Even if she doesn't know I'm doing this (heck, maybe she does!) it is so nice to hear such a wonderful comment. I was feeling very down after last night, and that was such a pick me up.

Today I am going grocery shopping, and then coming back and trying to squeeze in a walk before my Skype date with my mom. Then my housemate Kate's mom is in town, and she is taking all of us out to dinner! How sweet is that? I haven't been out to eat since starting this journey, so I'm excited to go and make a healthy choice tonight.

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