Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hiking! And food!

I love hiking, but I have to admit something. I am truly terrible at it. How can that be, you ask? Isn't it just walking? Well, sort of. It's the uphills that do me in. I get very short of breath and have to take a lot of breaks. I know, it doesn't sound like too much fun. But the very reason I love hiking so much is because it is such an incredible challenge. I love a good challenge. Today's hike was beautiful, it was a 4 mile round trip to a small waterfall and back. Some of the trees were changing color, and it was a very scenic hike, what with large outcroppings of rocks. And chipmunks.

One of the most badass things you can do here in Colorado is climb a 14er. (That's a 14,000 foot mountain.) It is a big point of pride to be able to say "Oh yeah, I climbed a 14er this weekend..." or to boast about how many/what difficult ones you've done. I have climbed on two so far, but didn't summit either. I really hope that with continued smaller hikes, building up my stamina, and losing some weight will help me do better in the spring or summer. Because on 14ers, not only are you doing battle by walking uphill for a couple hours, you also have to deal with the elevation, and having a bit less oxygen available. But anyway, that's one of my goals. That and running a full marathon, though I'll probably just stick to another half this spring.

After coming home, I ate a plate of fries for dinner. I do not feel one ounce of regret, for these were quite delicious sweet potato fries baked in my oven. With cinnamon and paprika. Odd combo, but it tasted pretty darn yummy.

My plans for tonight include snuggling underneath my covers all night and working on my resume, cover letter, and application for a job. I know, so exciting Saturday night, right? Ah well, such is my life. Happy weekend!

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  1. WOW, to climb a 14er!!! Maybe one day!! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. BTW, there's isn't a whole lot better than snuggling under covers ;)