Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Stats

I arbitrarily decided to pick Friday for the day that I post my stats for the week. Normally, this will be an evening post. However, since I just started eating better and exercising two days ago, I'm not going to expect any sort of weight change, and will wait for next week to do my first official weigh in.

Weight: We'll stay with 250.
Exercise minutes: 120, walking
Milage: 6.3 miles

Hmm, what other stats should I post? I guess for now this will be it. Once I start incorporating different kinds of exercise, it might be more interesting...

ETA: I think peanut butter toast is my new best friend. What a great addition to scrambled eggs and OJ for an after walk breakfast...


  1. Hey thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! :)

    I cant believe you wait until after your walk to eat breakfast, how do you do that! I wake up starving! But I doooo love PB toast, its so yummy! Most mornings I eat eggs and toast with some OJ.

    You should also check out for some blog backgrounds. :) Go all out, its actually more motivating. The more you decorate your blog, the more likely you will want to keep blogging!

  2. The first walk I did I had an apple before I went, and that was actually a much better walk. I think I'll probably stick with something small before I go out, and then more when I get back, I am always hungry when I get done exercising!

    I will certainly go look at that website, I didn't know where everyone was getting the cool backgrounds and things!!!