Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Routine

Every morning, I wake up by getting on my computer and checking all my websites. This takes maybe 15 or 20 minutes, but I can usually stretch it to at least half an hour. This was how I began my day today.

The difference between today and yesterday is that today after I finished up online I went to the kitchen and ate an apple. Because it was the healthy choice? Yes. Because I actually kind of wanted the apple? Yes, that too. After that, I changed and headed out my front door for a walk. The nice thing about my job is that my shift is 11-6, which means I have a lot of time in the morning. I decided to fill some of that time with walking.

Now, I think I should probably explain something here. Being a walker is something entirely new to me. I am a runner. I have done a good handful of 5Ks, a 10K, and two half marathons. It was kind of difficult for me to go out and see so many runners this morning. I wanted to be running, especially when I saw my housemate out for her morning run! We both stopped and chatted for a couple minutes, but soon parted ways, she on her way home, and myself heading out a little further.

I need to do this exercise thing right, though. Last spring when I did my half marathon, I jumped right into a training plan without bothering to build my base back up at all. I think this is why it was so incredibly hard and painful. So for now, I'm "taking it easy" by starting with a daily morning walking routine. Once I have that down, I'll start by adding running in a little at a time. That said, my walk this morning was an hour long (half hour out, half hour back), and when I plotted my route on Gmaps pedometer, my milage was 3.1. An unofficial 5K! I feel good, and ready to start my day.

I'm also still hungry. (Well, I did only have an apple...) So I'm going to go whip up some yogurt and granola. Or maybe a bowl of cereal. We'll see. Breakfast, as yet, has no routine.

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